Haboro Coal Mine (Chikubetsu Coal Mine) / 羽幌炭鉱 ( 築別炭鉱) , Hokkaido, AUG 2016 & SEP 2017

Haboro / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / 築別炭鉱

My favorite abandoned site in Hokkaido I've ever been.
The place has an apartment, a school and a hospital (which is barely standing).
I can't fit them in one page!


Taiyo Elementary School / 太陽小学校

Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院

Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート 

Chikubetsu Coal Mine / 築別炭鉱

Haboro Coal Mine / 羽幌本坑

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