ベルビュー富士ホテル / Belleview Fuji Hotel & シャレーフジパノラマ / Chalet Fuji Panorama, Shizuoka, Japan, December 2014

Belleview Fuji Hotel was an abandoned hotel in Shizuoka, Japan, demolished in 2016.
The rumor said that it went out of business because one of the staff committed suicide after killing a customer. No wonder it was famous for ghost hunting...
On the way, I found another abandoned hotel called Chalet Fuji Panorama.
It had a unique structure and that was the only reason why I stopped to take pictures. There was nothing much to see inside.


シャレーフジパノラマ / Chalet Fuji Panorama

黒潮荘 / Kuroshio Inn, Hyogo, Japan, November 2014

黒潮荘 / Kuroshio Inn
兵庫県洲本市にある廃宿泊施設 / an abandoned accommodation in Hyogo, Japan

ぺんぎん村 / Penguin Village, Osaka, Japan, September 2014

Penguin Village (ぺんぎん村), an abandoned love hotel in Osaka, Japan

大阪府泉南郡にある廃ラブホテル ぺんぎん村

Denbigh Asylum (North Wales Hospital), Wales, August 2014

Denbigh Asylum (North Wales Hospital), a former psychiatric hospital built in 1848, located in Denbigh, Wales, UK.
The hospital originally accommodated up to 200 patients and had its own farms and gasworks.
It closed in sections from 1991 to 2002, with the main building shutting its doors in 1995.

Denbigh Asylum (North Wales Hospital)はイギリス、ウェールズのDenbighにある廃精神病院で1848年に建てられました。

These are the history you can find from Wikipedia or other websites but this place has another "legend", which is a self appointed guardian called Elwyn and his dog.
As far as I know, he used to work at the hospital and after the closure he guarded the place from anyone tried to trespass.
I did some research on him and his dog before my visit and every story scared me.
Some people claimed that his dog attacked them or Elwyn talked to them very aggressively just walking down the street nearby.
I almost gave up my visit because of them... I knew he was just a guy who tried to save this place but I did not want to meet him.
Luckily, I met him and his dog on the street nearby. He didn't accused me of anything and just gave me a weird look (I smiled at him very nervously).


I couldn't stay long as I saw his white ban inside (before meeting him on the street) but I still have a lot of pictures. 
I think I got to explored only half of it or less. This place was HUGE!


Sadly, this place had been damaged by arson attack many times.
In 2008, during renovation work, the building caught fire and the main hall was destroyed.
There were fired in 2016, February 2017 and July 2017, and after that some sections were planned to be demolished as being beyond repair.
Recently, there was a plan for converting the site to luxury hotel but in April 2018 the place caught fire again and now its future is unknown.


I wish I could tell you which picture was taken in which place.
But I have NO IDEA! (as I said this place was HUGE and I couldn't keep track where I was)