Krampnitz Kaserne, Potsdam, Germany, May 2015

Krampnitz Kaserne was a military complex in Potsdam, Germany.
It was used by the Germans since 1937 til the end of WWⅡ, then by Soviet Army until its abandonment in 1992.
That explained why all I could find in this place was written in Russian, and I did not see a single sign of Nazis, all destroyed by Russians most likely.
(I found a report with a picture, an eagle with swastika, but I couldn't find any during my visit)
The complex was absolutely huge. It used to have an officers' club, a Tennis court, theater (found a reel) and more in its time.
Some movies were shot there such as "Inglorious Basterds" and "The Monuments Men."

Krampnitz Kaserneはドイツ・ポツダムにある軍事施設の廃墟です。

Even though this place seems beyond awesome, I have little recollection of the visit unfortunately (my poor poor brain!)
I absolutely love urbex trips in Germany, maybe most favorite in the world, and I found that graffitis there were much more "sophisticated" than in any other countries.
This place had a few graffitis of the type.