Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート, Hokkaido, AUG 2016 & SEP 2017

Haboro Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 築別炭鉱

 Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート
The apartment was said to be quite modern, with flush toilet and stuff, at the time it was built (1969).

I went there twice and it was summer both.
The building was covered with bushes so I could only enter one of them.
Also, there should be a public bath near there, 
but as I was going through bushes to find it, I swear I heard a dog breathing!
All I could think of was my arm bitten by it, so I gave up.
Maybe I should visit in cold winter so I could forget about bushes and wild dogs and only worry about dying in snow...?



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