Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院, Hokkaido, AUG 2016 & SEP 2017

Haboro Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 築別炭鉱

 Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院

The fallen roof and the fallen floor but still standing!
The hospital was built in 1944, and extended a few times.
The only building left was small that I couldn't believe it had all the facility it should have.
(The first time I saw, I thought it was a small town clinic that only had one doctor.)


As the floor was fallen and nasty-looking water waiting below,
I didn't go further from the entrance.
But by the look, I could guess there was nothing left inside.


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