Edison High School, Philadelphia, February 2013

Edison High School (former known as Julia de Burgos Magnet Middle School) was an abandoned school, originally built in 1900s and closed in 2002.
In 2011, a fire broke out and damaged some buildings heavily.
I visited after the fire and some buildings like the auditorium were totally fine but some didn't have the roof and the floor.

Edison High School、またJulia de Burgos Magnet Middle Schoolという

Sadly I found out that the site was renovated to a supermarket.
I remember the street around the site was so creepy,
that I even thought the guy standing in front of the building was a drug dealer.
Probably because of the renovation, the area looked fine now on Google Earth.

Google Earthでみた現在の町並みはすごい明るくなっていました。

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