Château de Franconville, Val-d'Oise, France

Visited: August 2010

Château de Franconville/Castle of Francoville was built between 1876 and 1882 as the request of Duke of Massa. The castle has a large lobby and 12 bedrooms with bathrooms on the first floor, 16 rooms on the second floor, and rooms for servants in the attic. There are also a 350-seat theater connected to the castle by the underground passage, chapel, park, orangery and another small castle!

During WWI, it was used as a military hospital, then after the Duke sold the castle to the department of Seine in 1924, they turned it into a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, which opened in 1929. Another building was built in the park, making its capacity up to 500 patients.

The hospital operated in the site until 1992. The place was sold to a Russian-Luxembourgish consortium in 2014 and restoration work is under way to convert it to a luxury hotel and a balneotherapy center in the former theater. 

フランコヴィル城 (フランス Val-d'Oise)はマッサ公の要請により1876年から1882年の間に建てられました。1階には広いロビーとトイレ付寝室12部屋、2階には16部屋、屋根裏には使用人の部屋があります。さらに広大な敷地内には、地下で城につながる350席の劇場、教会、庭園、オレンジ温室ともう一つの小規模な城もあり、定期的に豪華なパーティが催されたそうです。



The Castle



Neighborhood (abandoned railway station etc...)


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