Fort de la Chartreuse, Liège, Belgium, August 2010

I might have never been to Liege if there wasn't this place.
My first visit was in 2010 and I revisited at the end of the same year (twice!)
On the first visit, I actually tried to visit an abandoned hospital in the same city.
But apparently it was developed or planned to be.

2010年に初めて訪れ、同年末に再訪する程 規模が大きく、お気に入りな廃墟です。

More info at wiki

Inside, I found some firewood, which apparently burned recently. It freaked me out!/この中で燃えたばかりの焚き火の跡があり、怖かったです…     


On the way from station to the place,
I met these lovely dogs/cats!

I've revisited this site a few times,
but still I wanna go there again.


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