An island with war ruin and rabbits, うさぎ島 (大久野島), Hiroshima, Japan, November 2011

Ookuno Island aka  Rabbit Island has wartime ruins (poison gas factory, fort, power plant and so on) and lots of wild rabbits.
It had been forgotten for a long time, but since it was featured in a television program, now it is packed with lots of tourist.
It was first developed in1890s for the Russo-Japanese war and used as chemical factory for the Sino-Japanese war, the Pacific War.
As they have a dark history like hundreds of workers died of an aftereffect of poison gas manufacturing, I heard it was once deleted from a national map.

大久野島 (別名うさぎ島)には、毒ガス工場・発電所・砲台跡等の戦時中廃墟とたくさんのうさぎが住んでいます

My main purpose was to have a fun with rabbits and my family.
But there were so many beautiful ruins made me excited!


Poison gas storage / 毒ガス貯蔵庫

 Gun Battery 1 / 砲台跡 1

A view from the top of the hill / 丘の上からの景色

 Gun Battery 2 (on the top of the hill) / 砲台跡 2

Unknown abandoned office (?) / 不明の廃事務所?

This is located near an only inn in the island and it seemed abandoned.
I have no idea what it was used for.


Power Plant / 発電所跡

Gunpowder storage / 火薬貯蔵庫

Gun Battery 3 / 砲台跡 3

An abandoned restaurant / 食事処跡

Rabbits fun! / うさぎ達

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