Okutama Ropeway/ 奥多摩ロープーウェイ, Tokyo, Japan, May 2011

奥多摩ロープーウェイ(Okutama Ropeway), Tokyo, Japan

Okutama is a suburb town of Tokyo and it takes a few hours from the central by train.  
Though the town is in Tokyo, it is the western end and train line terminate there, so it didn't feel like I was in Tokyo!


There is a old factory, which is still working, in right front of the station.
I found out later that it is OKUTAMA KOGYO, a manufacturer of lime stones and such for industrial use.


OKUTAMA KOGYO factory/ 奥多摩工業 氷川工場

Back to Okutama Ropeway!
The cable car has been abandoned since 1965.
I found out from wiki, that there had been a project for demolition.
However, since the company who owned this place was lost, they gave up!
That is why the station and cable cars have been forgotten (but not by us!) and left there for 50 years... 


みとうさんぐち (Mitosanguchi station)

A lovely cable car called "Mito" is left in this staion

かわの (Kawano station) 

Kumotori cable car is there!

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