Midorigaoka aparment (Matsuo Mine) / 緑ヶ丘アパート(松尾鉱山跡), Iwate, Japan, September 2015

I did urbex trip in Iwate this summer!
It takes almost a half day drive from the area I live so I had only a few days for urbex... though they were awesome!


Midorigaoka aparment (Matsuo Mine) / 緑ヶ丘アパート(松尾鉱山跡), Iwate, Japan

I had to walk through bushes and they were wet from morning dew.
So when I finally got to the apartment, I was soaking wet...

When I was leaving, I saw a group trying to move through the bushes.
They wore a raincoat and came prepared! I should have too...


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