Zeche Hugo, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, January 2011

Zeche Hugo is an abandoned coal mine in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

This place is famous for "bird cages" (aka Kaue in German) , which were used for hanging worker's clothes and stuff.

We met up with someone from 28 days later, and he and his friend showed us around.
They knew well how to sneak in and out, so many thanks to them!
(I do not remember their names though...)

I vaguely remember it was next to an active factory or something.
But no security once you are inside of the fence, I suppose.

Zeche Hugoはゲルゼンキルヒェンにある廃炭鉱所です。

イギリスの廃墟サイト 28 days later で連絡を取った地元の方2名に案内してもらいました。


I was so impressed by this "bird cages" and its uniqueness.
It was a bit windy, so they kept shaking from the wind and made strange noise.
(If my memory is correct!)
I even took a video but as I rarely do that, it was shitty...


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