Sinteranlage ThyssenKrupp, Duisburg, Germany, January 2011

Sinteranlage ThyssenKrupp is an abandoned sintering factory in Duisburg, Germany.
I'm not sure its real name but it's called Sinteranlage ThyssenKrupp,
Sinteranlage or Thyssen Sinteranlage.
Though this place is huge, there are not much information on internet.

Sinteranlage ThyssenKrupp、Sinteranlage、Thyssen Sinteranlage等色々な名称があるようです。

My friend and I met a local guy exploring

This site and Terre Rouge in Luxemburg (,which I'm planning to report soon!) are so impressive and breathtaking.
I sincerely hope they will be there, as long as they can...

この廃墟とルクセンブルクにあるTerre Rouseという廃工場は本当に印象的で、唖然としてしまう規模が大きいです。

Also, this site is so impressive for me, 
because last time I went there, there were two naked women with camera guys!
(One with naked on the top and the other one was naked on bottom)
I couldn't tell if they were professional or not,
but maybe some people in Germany get turned on by something like that!


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