Abandoned sites in Lindenauer Hafen by Karl-Heine-Kanal, Leipzig, Germany 2011.1.9

There are some abandoned industrial sites by Karl-Heine-Kanal in Lindenau, Leipzig.
Also, there are some active factories, which look exactly abandoned ones.
Lindenauer Hafen (=Lindenau Harbor) seems to have lots of project developing the area.
I suppose these sites are left unfinished or to be developed, but I'm not sure.

Lindenauer Hafen (=Lindenau Harbor)という名称で、このエリアを開発するプロジェクトのページが色々ありました。

an abandoned site in Lindenauer Hafen - only exterior/ Lindenauer Hafenにある廃墟 中には入っていません...
Museumsbahnhof in Lindenauer Hafen

I don't know much about this station either...
I only found a website in German, most of which is under construction!
I was pretty sure this station was abandoned when I visited, and there was no one around.

Lindenauer HafenにあるMuseumsbahnhofという廃駅も訪れました。

I also visited  abandoned factory near McDonald's on Saarländer Str. (the end of Karl-Heine-Kanal in the west)
But I could not find any information, as I don't even know the name! 
I should have had some info when I visited though...

カール・ハイネ運河の西の終着点にある、Saarländer str.のマクドナルド隣の廃工場にも行ったのですが、

The way from Lindenauer Hafen to the unknown abandoned factory/
Lindenauer Hafenから名前の分からない廃工場への道

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