Lindenauer Hafen & Museumsbahnhof, Leipzig, Germany

Visited: January 2011

Lindenauer Hafen

Lindenauer Hafen (Lindenauer port) is a part of the project "Elster-Saale-Kanal" which started in 1930s to connect several canals for a waterway network. The construction halted in 1943 due to WWII, leaving the connection to neighbor canals unfinished, while large parts of port facility were already completed.

When I visited in 2011, the surrounding area of the port looked dark, isolated, forgotten etc... , which was understandable given its history and isolated situation. I saw some factory or storage facility still working but most of them (including active ones) seemed abandoned. 

The new project began to complete the uncompleted work and the port finally connected to Karl-Heine-Canal in 2015. The port is now to be renovated to a residential area.


Museumsbahnhof is an abandoned private railway for industrial use. It dates back to 1856 when lorries were moved by hand or horse. The railway was shut down in 1991 and the plan for preservation of this historical site also began in the same year. But sadly only 1km of the track was saved from demolition.

They still exhibit old locomotives and operates some of them for tourists.

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