Millennium Mills, London (only exterior), July 2010

Millennium Mills is probably the most famous abandoned site around London or maybe in UK.
It is famous for the site itself for sure but also for the (probably) 24-hour security. 
I actually tried to enter twice.
On the first try, I couldn't figure out if there is any way to get in.
The site is by the river, and covered with huge fences or walls apparently.


A view from the bridge
NO SWIMMING! If only I could swim to there...

I could be up to the wall but there was no way to the building

So that's all from my first try.
I guess Millennium Mill was a too difficult to be tried by a newcomer.
I re-visited the site to try to get in on 2010.12.18.
My urbex friend and I made a thorough plan and stayed a hotel near the site so that we could visit before dawn.
As we are so close to the site, we saw patrol car driving around.
We couldn't do anything but hide in the snow...


The ground floor was completely blocked

 Millennium Mills is also used in popular culture.
 I almost freaked out when I saw the D building in the photo above in "Ashes to Ashes", the uk drama.

イギリスドラマ"Ashes to Ashes"を見ている時に、上にある写真のDと書かれた建物を見た時は驚きました!

When the main character tripped back in time, she arrives at Millennium Mill! How lucky!

Even in "Ashes to Ashes", the inside of the building isn't shown.
From the photos uploaded by those who succeed to enter, the inside looks so cool as well as the exterior.

ドラマ"Ashes to Ashes"でも内部は使われておりません。

I've searched how they got in, but couldn't find much.
Maybe they got in during the night and stayed there until the daylight.
If I could find the info on the way in, I'd definitely go back there to try.


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