Kuwashima Orthopedic Clinic / 桑島整形外科, Hokkaido, August 2016

I was so amazed to find there were lots of surgical stuff left, while the building itself was almost rotten.

(I missed one in Beelitz Hailstaten, Berlin and Nicchitsu, Japan)
I literally screamed (with joy, for sure) when I entered the operation room to find on finally!

それに反し、 多くの医療器具がそのまま残されておりとても奇妙に感じました 
(ドイツベルリンのBeelitz Hailstaten、ニッチツ鉱山跡にある診療所、etcではすでに盗まれていたり撤去されていたり…)

A bankbook! (The first and last one I've seen in abandoned buildings) / 廃墟に残された通帳!見たのは最初で最後です


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