VEB MLW Medizintechnik, Leipzig 2011.1.9 VEB

VEB MLW Medizintechnik was a medical and laboratory equipment company in Leipzig, Germany.
The place is very close to VEB polygraph reprotechnik.
I'm not sure why, but I was so impressed by the creepiness of this site.
Maybe it was because some parts were completely blocked and dark...

VEB MLW Medizintechnikはドイツ・ライプチィヒにある薬剤や試験関連設備の製造会社跡地です。
VEB polygraph reprotechnikのすぐ近くにあります。


I remember seeing someone waking a dog. Maybe this was like a park for local people! /ここで犬の散歩をしている人を見た記憶があります。周辺住民にとっては公園のような感じなのでしょうか、、、

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