Beelitz Heilstaten, Germany, January 2011

Beelitz-Heilstätten, Berlin, Germany

If you are into abandoned sites, you must have heard this abandoned hospital at least once. Beelitz-Heilstätten is located outside of Berlin, in a small town called Beelitz, in Brandenburg, Germany.


This place is famous not only for its beauty and size, but also its unique history. During World War I, it was a military hospital and Hitler (who was a young soldier at that time) was treated there! Also, since 1945 for 50 years, it was occupied by Red Army and serves as a Soviet army hospital.


This was the first time I visited there,
and there was a photo shoot, which seemed kinda professional!
They parked inside and probably had a key for a gate and buildings, so I guess they had a permit.
Thanks to them, we were able to get in the building which seemed to be blocked. 
BUT, I could not find the photos so maybe that was the other time when I revisited there.


This was actually my birthday so after the visit my friend and I went out to eat awesome Berlin dinner/ 実はこの日誕生日だったので、廃墟訪問後ベルリンでおいしい夕食をごちそうになりました

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