A ghost town around Nicchitsu mine/日窒鉱山跡周辺廃村, Chichibu, Japan, June 2011

A ghost town around Nicchitsu mine/日窒鉱山跡周辺廃村

Nicchitsu (aka Chichibu Mine) was found in 1600.
They developed the surrounding area (I think) in 40-60s until they stopped mining in 1978.

ニッチツ (別名、というか本名は秩父鉱山)は1600年ごろに発見され、

I didn't drive at that time, so I took train and bus and walked like an hour to visit there.



The factory was still working and I met a worker there when I passed. He was surprised I was walking a long way for the ghost town! /この工場は今も操業しており、通りすがるときに従業員らしき人とすれ違いました。廃村のために山道を歩いてることを話すととても驚いていました
The post office was also still working but it was closed when I visited / この郵便局も現役ですが、訪問時にはしまっていました。

Ogurasawa primary school / 小倉沢小学校 

There was a warehouse or something right in front of the site and a few people were working there.
But they didn't seem to care at all...
Lots of stuff like textbooks, pianos, drawings and etc. were still there so I have quite a lot of photos from this site and they are not in right order.
Still I can remember the place clearly when I look at photos especially because this was the first  abandoned school I'd ever been then.


A bridge to the site / 廃墟への橋

A monument of close-down in 1985... 8 years after mine was closed / 昭和60年の閉校記念碑 探鉱中止の8年後ですね
I remember reading this child book / 懐かしいモチモチの木(内容は覚えてませんが…)

"We do not use heaters today"

This scared the crap out of me! / この画にはビビりました、、、

Public bath (for workers and family) / 社員用共同銭湯

The sign says that "this public bath is for staffs and their family only". And left door is for men and right for women.

An abandoned shop/ 名称不明のお店

An abondoned hospital/ 廃病院

An abandoned town hall or a kindergarten/ 公民館幼稚園?

I said I remember clearly but I'm not sure about this one.
I remember seeing a kindergarten, which I could not get in.
Probably it was a kindergarten also used as a town hall??? I might be mixed up...


Company dormitory/ 社員寮

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